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Every organization has a culture story, and the strategic initiatives they choose to engage tells the world what they believe in and truly value. We believe that the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Imperative is more extensive than any current social inflection point, and the journey you are embarking on is an organic mission-driven opportunity to further shift your culture into a forward-leaning, inclusive culture creating future opportunity for all.

Culture Shift Consulting Group (CSC) represents a blended approach to the daunting task of shifting cultural paradigms. Specifically, our firm targets the need organizations face in enlarging their footprint in the marketplace through meaningful Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategies. Strategies that propel the organization forward in the thinking and behaviors of a world-class enterprise. Our expertise helps companies grasp the sequential steps and processes needed to move the current state’s organizational culture to the desired state form. To get there, we offer a full range of services to help shepherd the transformation process infusing both proven DEI solutions and Organization Development (OD) practices focused on Change Management, Employee Engagement, and Talent Optimization.

Our dual discipline approach provides a complete map of how to shift your culture, sustain the addition and linkage to the overarching business strategy. CSC provides a world class end-to-end solution from the Diagnostic processing near the start through the Sustainability pillars that assure your hard work pays dividends in both the short and long term. Welcome the opportunity to explore your needs and interest while offering best process and methods to guide your journey. Simply stated, “Systemic, Sustainable Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work is Change Management work; DEI Training is not. Click the link the schedule a free 30-minute consultation.


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Culture Shift Consulting Group (CSC)is a powerful blend of vital disciplines and perspectives within the organizational effectiveness ecosystem. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is an increasingly relevant strategic dimension leading organizations are proactively engaging in fulfilling their values, mission, and vision and creating further marketplace differentiation.

CSC harnesses an advanced neuro-shift approach to the exploration and subsequent education needed to inform organizations concerning conscious and unconscious bias, micro-behaviors, and their impact on people and process-related business decisions, with a practical organization development integration. The blended approach meets the requirements thoroughly and then overachieves expectations by leveraging synergies throughout the culture shift journey.

Our firm offers two experts with over 35- years of combined DEI, Human Resources, Organizational Development, and Change Management expertise, leveled against your strategic objectives. We believe that our team can work in concert with your team to engraft DEI leadership strategies into your business drivers, ultimately embedding them into your organizational DNA.

Our team is small, nimble, and mighty, possessing strong relationships with resource partners in Organization Development technology, Talent Optimization technology, and Change Management methodology and practice.


Managing Partner
HR, Organizational Development,
& Talent Optimization Lead


Managing Partner
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion  
Strategy Development & Education Lead


Expanded Capabilities
Assessment Reports and Analytics,
Educators, Change Management






Keynote Speaking

Speakers for Executive Meetings, Leadership Retreats, Conferences; all are an ideal time to capture the minds and hearts of various cohorts to assist in driving your DE&I strategy.

Organizational Readiness & DEI Assessment

The strength of the CSC approach rests on the integration of standardized DEI and Organizational Readiness assessments.  

Team Discovery & Strategy

Each team has a predisposed type. We guide companies through the exercise of discovering their “team propensities” and the profile relationship to business strategy alignment.

DEI Training

Human Beings are continually changing, and yet parts of us can stay the same forever. To affect behavioral change, we approach the subject through the doorway of neuroscience.

DEI Strategy Development

We lead key stakeholders through a DEI session, helping executives to see their future state as a company.


Micro-changes in how a leader delivers DEI-related communication and behaviors impact the perception of their leadership style and how they execute daily tasks.


Diversity Councils and ERGs

An essential part of a robust DEI Strategy includes the formation of internal network groups to advise on integrating both culture and systems of change.


Diversity Recruitment Design

McKinsey’s 2015 report revealed that among the 366 companies surveyed, the top-performing companies were also the most diverse.

Talent Optimization

Top talent is hard to attract and even more challenging to engage and retain, especially in this pandemic era. Strengthening the employee life cycle is the best way to increase the ROI related to a healthy DEI implementation.

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